My New Blog - the art of joy


It is slowly taking shape..if you are a blogger driven by passion like myself, then I am sure you can relate to the amount of time that goes into creating something worthy of releasing into the world! Although, I am learning from Rach in her Blog Hearted course that it is also important to just make a start and put it out there! As a perfectionist as well as a passionist (new word!) this makes it twice as time consuming!

Top 5 Blogs for Passion and Purpose


"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" 
{Buddhist proverb}

Since immersing myself in the process of some serious self exploration and spiritual transformation, a number of passionate bloggers have revealed themselves as my greatest teachers. 

Blogging with passion and purpose is a reflection of my true self and I am naturally drawn to others doing the same. Living a life that is authentic and guided by deeply held values translates beautifully into the online world. Creating a list of the Top 5 Blogs filled with passion and purpose is an opportunity for me to acknowledge and share some of the divine souls guiding my growth.

The Power of a Passion Project


Immersing myself in a project fuelled by passion has always been one of my healing tools, one of the ways in which I can turn things around and create something beautiful and tangible, often out of a profound life experience. A Passion Project for me is not purely selfish though, it also needs to reach beyond my own experience and provide something for others. It is not enough for my own soul to stretch, learn and reach a little further. I want this for as many people as possible too, especially for those who are seeking, longing or simply in need.

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