Hang in There Manifesto


Hang in There! Such a simple concept, for me it is about holding onto hope when things seem somewhat overwhelming. All of the words, concepts and actions packed into this manifesto come from my heart, a heart that has healed from unimaginable hurt, loss and darkness. 

The lovely Kelly from The Smile Collective has combined her creativity with my words of hope to create this special message for anyone who needs to be reminded that they belong here, they are loved and a reminder that hope is a powerful thing. The sun WILL shine again, trust me, I have been in the depths of darkness with a sense that I would never see the light again. 

If you know someone, or if you are someone, who needs to be reminded that they are loved, and encouraged to hold onto hope, then this Manifesto can be downloaded HERE.

Anxiety, depression and panic take lots of work to overcome and at times it can all just feel like its way too hard. Although I have healed, it takes daily action, effort and self care to remain healed. It is well worth the practice, and as I have always said, I would not have had the intense life lessons without the intense pain and loss.

Surrounding ourselves with love and light, and the people who LIFT us up is one of the most important parts of self care. Find your passion, dig deep and feel the inner pull of that which gives you JOY. Pursue the JOY, and turn the passion into your life work, if you can do this you will never feel anything but positive about work! 

Remember that YOU are loved, sometimes more than you know. 
HUGE and genuine thanks to Kelly for bringing my message to life xx


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