Top 5 Blogs for Passion and Purpose


"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" 
{Buddhist proverb}

Since immersing myself in the process of some serious self exploration and spiritual transformation, a number of passionate bloggers have revealed themselves as my greatest teachers. 

Blogging with passion and purpose is a reflection of my true self and I am naturally drawn to others doing the same. Living a life that is authentic and guided by deeply held values translates beautifully into the online world. Creating a list of the Top 5 Blogs filled with passion and purpose is an opportunity for me to acknowledge and share some of the divine souls guiding my growth.


1} Susannah Conway: is authenticity personified, raw beauty, the most generous spirit. Susannah started blogging during deep grief and it is this that draws me to her most profoundly. The raw and human way in which she has taken this darkness and turned it around for herself and others is the ultimate lesson in resilience and being of service.

Visit Susannah for passion + purpose + dreamy photography, intensely soulful writing courses and her beautiful books.

2} Megan Dalla-Camina: is one seriously driven blogger, leader and writer! Since I was led to Megan's world I have learned more about the importance of balance and my own power than I could have hoped for! Megan has such a huge passion for supporting women in their professional and personal lives, it is infectious! The depth of her experience is reflected in all that she does and her book has been one of my constant companions whilst building a life of balance.

Visit Megan for passion + purpose + her stunning ebook, advice on getting shit done, defining what success means to you and putting it into practice!

3} Tara Bliss at Such Different Skies: is simply divine! Divine in so many ways. The beauty that she radiates and so generously shares is extra-ordinary! Tara came into my life at a time that I was considering letting go of a part of me that was no longer serving my soul yet I was clinging to for many reasons. Her 'Party Girls Guide to Peace' course allowed me such deep and purposeful release as well as much needed forgiveness, and growth. Tara has a unique way of keeping it real yet beautifully surreal!

Visit Such Different Skies for passion + purpose + straight talking words of wisdom, powerful motivation and coaching, genuine empowerment!

4} Vashti at Maybe McQueen: is another soul who has taken unimaginable tragedy and turned her own loss into a beacon of light and hope for others. Vashti's blog is inspired by her late husband, the father of her children and best friend. Travelling alongside her perfectly real story and learning from her integrity, style and open heart is a privilege.

Visit Maybe McQueen for passion + purpose + free worksheets, how to manifest and realise your dreams and full potential, loving guidance and constant energy!

5} Rach at In Spaces Between: is filled with such intense passion that there was no doubt she would become an integral part of my growth! I am currently guided by her 'Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted' course as I transition to a new online space and the way in which Rach has so generously created this course from her personal experience is invaluable. There is such fierce yet tender purpose in all that she does!

Visit In Spaces Between for passion + purpose + the most soul infused writing and sharing, learning in abundance and to soak up Rach's beauty!

Hopefully you will also be led to some or all of these beautiful blogs and the beautiful souls behind them xx


  1. Lisa I am so glad I read this. These are the very types of blogs I love too. I have just finished a course by Susannah, she is wonderful, off to visit the others now too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post with some great bloggers! I follow Susannah on Instagram and her photos are so inspiring.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Cannot wait to follow these great blogs!


Thank you for sharing.

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